Air Purification:

Killing pathogens, including bacteria and viruses, in the air we breathe can be helpful in limiting the transmission of these viruses.

Sure Temp offers a variety of air purification systems that utilize HEPA filters and/or UV light to trap or kill harmful pathogens.

Carrier OptiClean™ Negative Air Machine & Scrubber:

Designed for commercial use and primarily to help convert normal hospital rooms into Airborne Infectious Isolation (AII) rooms.  The OptiClean™ uses highly efficient HEPA filters and a heavy duty, yet quiet, motor to remove contaminated air from the room. The resulting negative air pressure, or “vacuum effect,” helps limit the spread of air-based contaminants into surrounding areas. If negative pressure is not required, such as in an open-air, temporary hospital, the machine can be used as an air “scrubber,” pulling air in, removing many contaminants, and discharging cleaner air back into the room.  The unit can be operated either vertically as shown, or horizontally.

Mafna Air Technologies HEALair™ System:

Delivers healthy air by killing pathogens like H1N1, Human Corona Viruses, as well as HAI-causing pathogens like C. difficile, MRSA, VRE and CRE, and capturing microscopic particles. The HEALair™ system also uses UV light to safely “kill” the captured particles.

HEALair™ is suitable for fast paced health care environments, offices, churches, airports, schools, and other indoor public places.

Dust Free® Active Air Total Home Purification:

The Dust Free® Active Air Purification System uses exclusive technologies to target air quality problems at the source.  Installed into the supply plenum of your HVAC system, the Dust Free® Active in-duct air purifier removes dust, dander, germs, volatile organic compounds, allergens, odors and more to safely and effectively purify your home and improve indoor air quality.

The Dust Free® Active Air Purifier uses ionic oxidation, negative ionization, and UV-C light to purify the air and surfaces safely and effectively.

For information on air purification systems and how they can protect you and improve indoor air quality, call Sure Temp Heating and Air Conditioning today at 888-862-1833. 

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