Commercial Comfort

Capture2 Climate control in a commercial or industrial building is a system. We design them from the ground up for your needs. We consider air quality – and in some cases contaminant containment. We consider the building envelope, internal loads, ventilation requirements, heat from processes and equipment, and human loading. We understand all of it.

Our in-house licensed professional engineers, guide our construction team to build you a system that reduces your operational costs and improves productivity.

Our team starts with a detailed assessment of your needs. We consider every technological option from solar, to geothermal to variable-frequency drives.

We’ll consider the age of your facility, your budgets and your needs. And we assist you with financing – be it federal or state grants, tax benefits and leasing – to keep your investment reasonable, and your ROI (return on investment) high.

We provide:

  • Complete HVAC & R System Design, Installation, and Service
  • Energy Audits
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Building Modeling
  • Building Surveys
  • Performance Contracting


Any HVAC design that doesn’t include the financial opportunities provided by state and federal sources isn’t worth considering. Our team maintains expertise in government energy policy. And we take advantage of every grant, subsidy and program available to increase your ROI.

“We don’t just design and install HVAC, we engineer a complete indoor environmental control system to maximize comfort and productivity, while minimizing operating costs.”