Art Phillips

“I have worked with Sure Temp for about 22 years. They are good common sense guys. They do a good job, at a reasonable price, and do it efficiently, in a timely manner. They have a good mix of individuals that are very knowledgeable and I’m very comfortable dealing with them. They did the rooftop units at the Burlington Coat Factory, which is about 80,000 square feet, and they have done the installation on about 95 percent of the mall units and maintain them on a regular basis. They are good, honest guys and they won’t sell me something I don’t need.”

Dave and Linda Henkiel

“Shortly after moving into our house 11 years ago, our furnace stopped running. We called another furnace company and were told it was not repairable and we would definitely need a new one. We then called Sure Temp. A repairman was sent out immediately. Has able to do the repairs on our 40 year old unit, which ran without a problem for the next 11 years. This winter, at the age of 51, it finally decided to die. Again, we called Sure Temp. Their repair technician was able to do a temporary fix and their sales agent came immediately to assess our needs. By the end of the day we had heat and pricing for three different furnace options. A few days after that our new, much smaller, more energy efficient furnace was installed with a minimum of disruption. The temporary repair charge was deducted from the final cost and their office staff did all the paperwork for the NYSEG rebate. We couldn’t be more pleased with Sure Temp’s immediate response time, expert repair and installation technicians, knowledgeable and courteous sales staff, choice of options, fair pricing and follow-up contact to insure our complete satisfaction. We will always recommend Sure Temp to our friends and family. Thanks, guys and gals, for job well done.”

Dick Thaler

“I have worked with Sure Temp for more than 30 years. Triphammer owns a shopping center and TBA owns an office building There are 22 Shops and offices in the shopping center each with their own heating and air conditioning facilities which Sure Temp has installed and maintained and the office building has 15 offices and large heating and air conditioning units on the roof servicing the building. They respond quickly to my phone calls and have answers to my questions. They tell me what they can do to take care of my concerns, and then they take care of the issues. On new projects, they give accurate prices for installation and get the work done for the price that has been quoted.”

Bob Grange

“Eastern Energy Solutions operates in a 250 mile radius, so I’m very familiar with the HVAC companies in that radius, and there is nobody who comes close to Sure Temp’s level of expertise and finished product. Nobody comes close. We have worked with them for many years, and they are light years ahead of 99 percent of the HVAC companies when it comes to efficiency and using energy technology. Sure Temp leads with energy efficiency from the outset, and they are thinking about the return on investment. Customers will have this equipment for a long, long time and they are saving tons of money. This is what they are the very best at, without a doubt.”

Todd J. Bach

“Comfort levels in the Emergency Medicine Institute since the new system was installed are no longer characterized as “freezing,” “sweltering” or “miserable.” Feedback so far has been 100 percent positive. The EMI occupants are overwhelmingly satisfied with the system performance and individualized control of the HVAC in offices and lecture rooms. To date, not one comfort-related complaint has been received, and no equipment failures or installation deficiencies have been found.”