We had had AC trouble over the July 4 weekend and called at 8 AM to request a repair person first thing on the Tuesday after (July 5). Ben and a new employee came, found a faulty valve, re-gassed the unit, and thought it was fixed. It was, for a day. When we called first thing on Thursday morning, we couldn’t get a repairperson until mid-afternoon, and by the time they figured out what was wrong, it was 4 PM and too late to get a new unit on Friday. So we had to wait another weekend to get the work completed on the following Monday (July 11). That’s a lot of waiting when we are good, repeat customers,when it wasn’t our fault that the problem wasn’t fully diagnosed the first time the repairmen came out–and when we are allergy-sufferers! We were distressed. We should be charged for the two service calls.